To each of us, God has given gifts, including financial gifts. Through these gifts we reach out into the world to spread Christ’s message, bring comfort to those in need, and work for a better world. In Christ: We Care, We Pray, We Serve.

Ways to Give:

Online by Simply Giving

Through this website you can donate safely and securely.This easy, simply service will allow you to set up automated donations that will transfer directly from your account to Gilbert Lutheran Church. You can set up an automated direct deposit or make a one-time gift. By signing up on Simply Giving’s website and making a profile, you may easily track your donations. Please prayerfully consider making this a part of your spiritual life and thanksgiving.


During weekly worship services, you may give a gift by placing it in the collection basket. If you would like a year-end report of your donation, please place cash in a marked envelope located in each pew or in the entryway of the church. If you would like your own donation envelopes, just call or email the church office to receive a box for the year.


You can place checks in the collection baskets during worship just as you would cash. If you would like to designate it to a particular fund, please indicate so on the check’s memo line. You may also drop off the checks in or mail them to the church office: The address is:

Gilbert Lutheran Church
135 School St.
PO Box 270
Gilbert, IA 50105